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NBC  –  Constantine, Ep. 109 Breakdown
July 2015

NBC – Constantine, Ep. 109 Breakdown

This was a fantastic episode to work on. It was a very visual effects packed episode with a great range of work, from set extension to creature work. There was also some challenging FX work like water and cloth simulation. The Invunche, a scary immortal creature that was found in the depths of the sewers, came with it’s own set of challenges.
Besides some awesome designs from the art department, we got the direction that the Invunche was supposed to move like a contortionist and did not really need to obey the laws of physics but rather capture an eerie feeling that something was very off in his movement. This made the animators extremely happy and it gave us a lot of creative freedom to experiment with some really scary animations. However the riggers faced a real set of challenges coming up with a rig able to twist and turn in unnatural directions. In the end it was the collaboration between rigging, animation and shot sculpting that nailed the final look of this creepy character, and we must say that we think it turned out great!


NBCProduction company
VFX Supervisor
Kevin Blank


Important Looking Pirates
VFX Supervisor
Niklas Jacobson
Executive VFX Producer
Måns Björklund
VFX Coordinator
Natalia Przezdziecka
Animation Supervisor
Nicklas Andersson
Lead Lighting TD
Bobo Skipper, Niklas Ström
Patrik Wedinger, Carlos Corréia
Generalist TD
Jason Martin, Pim Shaitosa, Jonas Bergholm, Robin Perdén
Martin Eneroth, Robert Rosén, Simon Decombél
Lighting TD
Andrej Blom, Saleh Najib
Will Elsdale, Jury Bryan,
Lead Compositor
Jens Tenland
Niklas Nyqvist, Jonathan Harris
Daniel Midholt

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