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Discovery Channel  –  Sharkweek 2016

Discovery Channel – Sharkweek 2016

After our successful collaboration on Shark Week 2015, we joined forces with AV Squad again for their latest take on the topic! Shark Week 2016 was to be a psychedelic ride through a submarine world populated by mermaids, sharks, glow in the dark corals and a fire wielding ringmaster worthy of a Beatles chorus.

We sent our intrepid supervisor to the shoot in the balmy Bahamas for 2 days of underwater photography. Meanwhile back in wintery Stockholm, assets and underwater environments were modelled and look developed, so that we could extend and enhance the plates. We also developed and animated sharks, schools of fish, coral reefs, simulated water surfaces and giant white water splashes.


VFX Supervisor
Niklas Jacobson
VFX Producer
Manuela Cripps, Jan Cafourek
VFX Coordinator
Lania Sitepu
CG Artists
Saleh Najib, Andrej Blom, Jens Tenland, Niklas Nyqvist, Jonas Bergholm, Loka Vegborn, Aswin Aerden, Juri Bryan, Peter Herbert, Will Elsdale, Yuri Cabrera Rivera, Andres Bonelli, Simon Decombel

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